Friday, March 23, 2012

Korean Drama #5: Glowing She #6: Operation Proposal

I'm currently watching both of this dramas and now I'm still waiting for the drama in the website so that I would be able to download the current drama.

Glowing She

I don't know how to rate this drama. This is a good drama but the progress in each episode is too slow that I'm getting bored and keep fast forwarding it. # *read more* So, you can guess how is it right? Anyhow, I will keep watching this drama because at least I can watch something. I mean I have an entertainment at least.

Operation Proposal

Operation Proposal 

I'm getting impatient while watching this drama because of the lead actor characteristics( Kang Baek Ho). It's just pissed me off to see Kang Baek Ho( Yoo Seung Ho) attitude for Yi seul( Park Eun Bin). Can't wait to watch the entire episode. I hope it will be a good ending :)) *read more*

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