Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Korean Drama #3: Bad Couple


I know this is pretty old but I still watched it anyway. This is a story about an independent working women, who's single and she want to be a mother without a marriage( Miss. Mom). Finally, she met a man who she's claimed having the Korean best sperm which is so funny and that's how the story goes. The story line is okay and I think it's just the ending that left me feeling a bit unsatisfied.

This story reminds me of my future dream, which is sounds like her. The difference is I won't sleep with men just to get his sperm especially when I'm unmarried. I want to have the test tube baby but I know it is impossible because the hospital won't let it happen for unmarried woman.

Why unmarried? Sometimes, just thinking about marriage making me feeling uneasy. The commitment. Now, I think I need to change my dreams to something better. God's will, I think I'm going to adopt as many child as I can and giving/helping them especially in the education.

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