Saturday, March 24, 2012

No matter how hard the trial, I should face it with the strength from God

*This post going to be a very SENSITIVE post. So like it or not, you have the right to NOT read it*

My grandparents( mum side) is both a Catholic. My grandma is grown up in a Catholic whereby my grandfather is used to be a Muslim but then he converted to a Catholic. Under some circumstances, he's back to his original religion after being a Catholic for almost 20 years.

My grandparents( dad side) is both raised in a Catholic family but it's just that they're not living as a Catholic. They tend to have their own beliefs and their own customs from the past generation. 

When I'm small, I realised how my parents didn't really making God as their priority. They do pray but not as often as it should be. My dad is busy with his work so the time he spent in the church is really limited. My siblings and I can choose whether we want to go to church or not but as we grew older, my parents always reminded us about Him.Maybe, it's because of their past environment that my parents grew up with, become a great influenced for them to not become a good Catholic BUT it is all in the past.

Now, my parents changed. So, do my siblings and I. This is all thanks to the trials and temptations that we've faced for this past few years. The pain is TOO great that we don't know what we should do and we ended up believing that God will always be by our side. Turned out, it is true. My family and I managed to face it all with the strength from Him. All he want is the FAITH. The simple faith.
Still, there are the problems and seems like it's even painful and greater than it was before but it's okay because we knew that God is working on something for us. At least, we know that God is going to be with us. 

I believe that God is always hearing my family and I prayers. Maybe the prayers will not gonna be answered on that moment but just wait because God know the reason why did he do that. Just have faith in Him.

My family and I are now working hard to be a good Catholic. To be a good children for Him. To be a better and holy person. 

Lord, have mercy on us.



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