Friday, March 16, 2012

Insulted in a good way and...'s pretty good for myself too.

Last Wednesday, I've attended my Occupational Stress and the class was just fine until suddenly the lecturer asked something to "us". He asked about the past lesson or the past semester matters and how on earth I cannot even answered him. I'm ashamed that I cannot even lift my head during the whole time. The lecturer frequently reminded the whole class that we're the final year students who're going to graduate this year and going to be release in the work environment next year.

I'm ashamed about the fact that I am the final year student, who didn't remember about the past 2 years lessons. I'm ashamed that I'm going to graduate this year yet I feel like my education level is not up to that "standard/ level" yet. I'm going to study like there's no tomorrow and keep learning.

I'm currently on my 6th semester and I only have 1 semester left. I'm going to look at the first semester lecture's notes and start to learn everything back again.

p/s Wish me luck (:

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