Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Mr. KnowItALL

During my presentation last night, I mean while I was presenting, there is this man@ sissy man who've seated at the front seat of the class. It is the closest seat from where I've stand during the whole time of presentation.

While I delivering my words, this Mr.KnowItALL   suddenly laugh and you could see the smirk on his face. Luckily, I was too pre- occupied with my presentation that it didn't have much effect on me.

Funny, how Mr. KnowItALL , who I thought is a good guy before, could turn out to be a *monkey*
It's weird.
Eventhough you're jealous with what I've achieved you shouldn't do that!
Eventhough you hate me, you shouldn't disturb me on that moment!

I don't know someone who're so "genius" like you could turned to someone who's low as the monkey.
You want to ruined my presentation and messed it up?

I'm not going to let you do so!

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