Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Simple Gesture that...

...makes my heart melt.

Last night, after my night class ended, my classmate that used to send me back home is going home early and I have no choice but to ride my classmate( Roy) car. I've been rarely riding his car. They're 4 of us in the car and I am the only female. Then, when we reached my house, Roy suddenly rushed to open my door. I said it's okay but he insisted to do so. Actually, the door is broken and cannot be open from the inside but still there are another exit. Yet, he still offering himself to open the car's door.

He's younger than me but he is so matured. Isn't he so gentleman? No one ever do that to me. Even the guy that used to liked me before. His name is Jasni. He once fetch me from my house to the workplace where I used to work as a part timer. He didn't even bother to open the car's door for me. He is 28 years old that time.

See? Big difference right?

I think if I'm going to have a future boyfriend @ husband, I want someone that has Roy's quality too. As long as he is matured and can use think based on his common sense, that should be fine.

p/s Mentally and physically tired but I will still have a hectic week ahead. Good Mornight!

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