Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Life Gets Hard

Today my Pengajian Moral class canceled because the lecturer was sick. Yes, for other people this might be the happiest day but not for me. I'm still struggling over tonnes of assignments and group presentations. As a group leader for 2 group this semester, with 7 different members, 7 different languages makes me looks like a fool. When I'm talking they seems like ignoring me and when they're talking I don't even understand what they're talking about. With the lecturer who always put the PRESSURE on the group leader shoulder some more.*sigh*

I found out that I'm not the type which can stand on pressure. I felt lost when I'm pressured. I'm afraid to face it. I tried to avoid from taking any responsible on the work. But, it is a very selfish action. At last, I took up the responsibility and I got the pressure on me. Even though now I'm not the one who is facing it, but I still very care on it. Because I'm the one who passed the unsolved problem to the another person although I'm not the one who start it. I'm involved somehow.

I hope all these pressure can get over soon and of course with the problems being solved but not because I'm used to it.

p/s Purse is bleeding badly

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