Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rise & shine ! Haha a bit too late, but never mind :D

So yeah..Tomorrow is April already..I've only 4 weeks to go before my 3semester ended.YAY! and I'm proud to announced  that I'm officially free from assignments..wohooo!It's like weird on how did I managed to finish it off without copying and paste okay..I've pass up all my completed 6 of em...

Now, I only need to concentrate on for my presentations next week. I have 3 presentations to go and I really need to practice more... 
After, I've done with all my presentations, I would started to do revision for my's just around the corner and I hope that I could maintain my pointer..

To sum up this month: Disappointed, Excited, Happy, Sad, Mad, Stress, Busy, Crappy, Sleepy.

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