Thursday, March 31, 2011

Miss You....

6am: Off to bed after finished off my assignments...Yeah

3:30pm: Woke up only to realized that I've missed my class which is started at 2pm

3:35pm: Mum called. I told my mum that I'm at home and just woke up and didn't go to college. Am glad that mum didn't said anything about it since she's understand on how "hardworking" I am when I'm doing my assignments

4:40pm : Conversations ended. Trying to remember what's my mum said on the phone. Oh my mum said to take a good care of my health( I'm not), get enough sleep( which I didn't practice nowadays since I have tonnes of things to be done) and etc...

Oh..mum..I wished you know how much I've been missing you and all at homes. I miss your home cooked meals  that is cook with lots of love...

My mum's bunga kertas and I just love the colour


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