Saturday, March 19, 2011

Copy & Paste

I'm currently been doing my group assignments for my Occupational Health Subject...
And let me tell you this...
Basically, I do all my assignments with the help of Wikipedia, Google etc..Yes..copy and paste..
I've been doing it since my 1st semester...

Now at my 3rd semester I find it hard to do assignments by doing copy & paste...
Sadly enough that my lecturer had been giving me assignments that really need to be done through a lots of reading and not by just copying and paste...

My lecturer is smart enough to give me this kind of assignments..
It is actually what I will do exactly when I'm working as a Safety & Health Officer..

The Topic: Set an Occupational Health Department for the plywood factory of 250 workers and the budget given was RM 200,000.00

I'm lost and confused on how to spent that big amount of money for such a small scale of factory..
I've been spending almost 6 hours reading this:

Encyclopedia of occupational health and safety, Volume 1; Volume 5

 By Jeanne Mager Stellman, International Labour Office
Me? reading an ENCYCLOPEDIA? my parents would be proud if they seen me like this^^
I really hope that this encyclopedia will help me a lot since I'm still reading it.
p/s my back hurt a lot & now I'm feeling worn out!

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