Friday, March 18, 2011

You've Hurt Me

People says: Do think before you speak

True enough because when people didn't think before they speak/ opened their mouth, they never knew that they actually hurting someone feelings...

It happens to me this morning.
I just reach college when one of my male classmate starts to screening me and said that I am fat
Just imagined that when the words "YOU LOOKS FAT" is the first word you heard early in the morning

It pissed me off when they talks like they know me for a long time
Am I denying the fact that "I am Fat?"
Yes! I'm not fat okay..My BMI is NORMAL

It breaks my heart when they said it directly into my face
I hate it so much that it had spoiled my whole day

Even my family member's will never comment me about my body conditions in my whole life that way
My mum always said that I'm looked fine because I'm not skinny nor I'm too fat

Btw, you know what I said to him?
I said, "Why?Do I care?" and I stared blankly to him..

Well, yes, I do care what he said but I will never change my self because of what he had said because its not true!

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