Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tasteless Day

I thought that I'm fully recovered from my recent fever
But today the same fever come back again
Duh.I hate this.

First sore throat, followed by coughing and now running nose plus fever
haish hope I can get better soon
Btw, I actually taking an advantage over my flu
I like it when everything I ate seems tasteless

So, now, I'm able to pop up a lot of lime to my mouth
I also able to eat the spicy foods

FYI, I spent a lot of money for printing today since I didn't own a printer
But I'm glad that I'm able to finish up my assignments
Now, there's only one assignments left. Computer Concepts.
Will do it next week since I have to prepare 2 presentation slides for my OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH and OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY subjects.It's a group presentations bit still I'm doing everything by myself.:(

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