Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Dad as A Handy Man

I've been in my dark room for 1 day already. My landlord said that he will come and fix that lamp but he's still haven't come. My brother had offered his helping hands but seems like the lamp need a new bulb so what I can do now is just waiting.

I miss my dad. If my dad was here, he surely can fix this lamp in just a minute. I miss his job as a handy man our family.

I still remember back then when my siblings and I used to get my father's service for cutting our hair. My dad would give my sister's and I the most simplest hair cut. He would cut our bangs and all of our hair would look exactly the same. He would cut our hair on the shoulder's length so we don't need to spent a lot of our time managing our hair when we're going to school. True enough.

I still remember how many cars would park at our parking site. They are all my father's friend and they come to our house to asking for help. Yes, my dad could fix a car and he always lend a hand to his friends car for free and that's why the amount of car that need to be fixed sometimes can be out of control. FYI, my dad didn't have any proper education on how automotive@ fixing a car and he actually learn it from friends.

Gardener?Yes, my dad is really good at this. Watermelon? Guava? Jack-fruits? Leeks? Capsicum?eggplant?Cree?cabbage?Spinach?beans? You name it and it's all in our gardens..

Carpenter? yes..My dad made all of the cupboard in our homes...He made it from a starch until it become like something that you could see in the furniture shops.

Chef?Yes, he really a good chef. My mum also a good chef but my dad always cooks something that we never taste. The combination's of different kinds of veges and beans that actually makes a delicious meal.

Electrician? Yes, he's been working as an electrician and of course he can do and fix everything in the name of electrical devices.

p/s HOMESICK becomes worse...

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