Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off Days

What can be better, than a lazy Sunday where you turn off your alarms and just wake up as late as you want?

I have been waking up at 2pm since Friday, so alarm are no issue to me. But for the others, Sunday's an off day. For me, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is my off day. Isn't it too much?LOL

I've been renting a house here in Miri, so, I don't need to do the chores since the landlord would do it weekly. I only need to wash my own laundry,my own dishes and also I only need to clean my own room. So, basically, I really have nothing to do.

That's why I've been sleeping like a pig:D

Today, I suddenly cravings for a spicy foods and looks what I eat for my lunch. Everything was cooked with chili paste@ sambal

Vege in Chili paste

Chicken in chili paste


  1. Oh you live in Miri now ! I've not been to Miri since 1994 , the last time I return to Brunei for a visit and visited my aunt in Miri. Bet it has change a lot these years

  2. Yes, I've been living here since last year for my studies..and I'm actually from Sabah:)

    Wow..since 1994? I think on that time there's not many shopping complex yet,right?Now, there are many already