Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drives Me Back

Look What I found!

It's hard to find these nowadays...

 I don't know what is it called..I just called it poop candy because of the icing looks like a poop..haahaha
Btw, this poop candy really drives me back to my childhood..I used to have it a lost back then...and now that I found it, I will never let it go..the taste of course not exactly the same like the old days, but it still have the poop look..I couldn't stop popping it inside my mouth..


  1. Oh I love this since I was very young..... is still my favourite after all these years

  2. I'm glad that you also like it:)
    Me too..I've been eating it almost everyday now until my classmates said that I'm too old for this poop candy..but who cares?