Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Light Of My Life

Yesterday, I'm having such a bad day....It's not PMS okay..It's just because what I'm hoping for didn't goes like what I wished for..Everything I do, seems wrong..I try to be P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E..But the N.E.G.A.T.I.V.E thought always tried to poisoning my mind..And the NEGATIVENESS wins over me..I was crying so bad..So bad until it feels like your heart had this BIG and HEAVY stones inside...I really need someone to talk to but I just don't want to bother them anymore with my problems..I know they also got their own problems....So, I handle it myself..I tell myself that I will deal it myself but I'm just so hopeless...I want to pray but I just don't have the COURAGE..I feels so DOWN..

I cried..I cried..and I cried until I heard my phones ringing at 11pm...and it's my mum numbers..I act like nothing had happened to me..asking them about their day..what did they eat for dinner, where's my dear cat Micky and what he's eating today..Where's my sister..aaaaaannnnddddd......

Suddenly, My mum said like this "If you got problems, just leave it all to Him since He know what the best for you..How little your pain compared to his sufferings" and I heard my dad's voice at the end of the line and he's reminding me to "Keep Praying"

I was shocked!!I didn't even told them my problems and they talking like they knew my current situations..I think that was all about the connection between us family...or can be known as an INSTINCT

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