Monday, February 7, 2011




Personally, I had difficulty learning the English Language. For one, because it is not my native language and secondly, in day- to- day activities, I'm using my own language and so there was no chance of learning English if I only rely on my day's typical experiences.

Back then, when I got into school for English, the first lesson I remember it right is about the English Alphabets..then..the a beginner, everything was unfamiliar.. At times when the teacher going to ask a question during the lesson, I would always avoid  eye contacts with her because I am afraid I would be called to stand up..and actually, until now, I still do scared....

With my experience learning English, I can say that I was forced to, because if I have it my way, I will not burden myself learning a new language. At that time( I mean, 15 years ago), if I only have to attend the English class, I would do so. The Teachers during that time are not supportive of their students in the during the class..English felt like a food that is forcibly fed upon me. They had a short understanding of psychology of students as first timers in the English class..

However, since there was a need to study English as a language, it encourage me to attend classes. For me, that "NEED" was my guiding force and encouragement to pursue the study of the language even though the experience is unpleasant most of the time..

The "NEED" also made me to learn this language through many ways..By:

*Watching any ENGLISH TV shows, drama or films
*Reading lotsa ENGLISH magazines, novels, book, comic
* Listening to any music in ENGLISH
*Talking in ENGISH
*Blogging in ENGLISH( This was my first intention when I want to do a blog..I want to improve my ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

I'm not saying that now, my ENGLISH are perfect..but the improvement I've made really make me felt good..
And you'll realize that I'm not using a sophisticated ENGLISH in writing, also, you will notice that my grammar are here and there..I'm still working hard to learn it..I need to learn more, especially in my communication skills and vocabulary..

That's why I am attending an INTENSIVE ENGLISH CLASS in my college now..and the good news?It's for free..Isn't it great?


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