Thursday, February 3, 2011


Mum: Now, don't get married early okay?

Me: But why?
       Ma, you also get married at 23 years old right?I'm 22 years old already..

Mum: You should settle down first..Have a good job..feed Ma and Pa,
           your siblings..
           Back then, that's the trend..all of people need to get married as early as they
           But, nowadays, things seems to be different...
           I don't want you to regret it later..
           You're way too young to be married..

Me: Okay, Ma..No worries..I will get married 15 years later..( at 37 years old)

Mum: woah? 37??it's way too old dear..27-29 years old should be fine..
          but now, you must concentrate on your studies first..

Me: Btw, almost all of my friends are married already..
       and some of them even got 2 kids already..
       Isn't it great?

Mum: oh no..don't even think of having a child when
          you're still acting like a baby..

Me: How about BOYFRIEND?

Mum: I said NO!

Well..that's it..I think I will never be allowed to have a boyfriend until I am 30 years old...Yeah, I'm giving a lot of thought about this..and I made up my mind not to have a boyfriend until I'm 30 years old.. be honest, I actually had been thinking a lot about marriage..that's happened when my friends told me they're getting married..or..when they were pregnant and about to gave birth..peer pressure I guess..
I wonder how is it feels to be someone wife, to be a mother..
But, like what my mum said, she don't want me to regret it later..Her words got a very deep point, I will do as my mum said because I don't want to regret it later when it's too late..

But, a few days later..
I overheard my mum's conversation with my oldest sister..FYI, she's turning 31 years old..

Mum: You got boyfriend already?

My sister: NO..I'm not dating anyone..

Mum: Just tell me the truth..I know, you're seeing someone right?

My sister: Ma!!**she sounds annoyed**

Mum: Okay- okay..But if you're seeing someone, just let me know..
          If you're still single, then, Ma is worried..
          You're 30 years old..
           you're way too old already to be married..

My sister: Nothing to be worried, Ma..
               age is just a numbers..
               You're making me stressed here...

Then.. they become silent and I can felt the tension in the air..I can imagine how's my sister felt right now..
she must be super tense since she's the oldest child in my family..but, what can be done? She's a workaholic..
I'm glad to be TOO need to be pushed like my sister..hahaha


  1. Oh it only natural that your mum is so anxious to see your sis getting married. I got married at age 21 , had my first child age 24 second child 27 and given the opportunity to choose again , I will still want to married young and have kids while I'm still young. Now I'm 44 , my eldest is 20 yrs and second 16 yrs and I still look young....hehehehehe... that's a advantage of marrying young.

  2. I'm sorry for taking a long time to reply your comment.I rarely checked my mail and when I checked it today, I just found out about your comment:)
    Yeah,my mum is just so anxious without even realize that she's stressing my sis..haha
    Wow!I'm amazed that you got married at 21?That's exactly how I want my life to be. I want to have my 1st child when I'm 24..because of that advantage..hahaa..I bet people always mistakenly said your children looks like your siblings right?

  3. hahahaha....... some people did say that I'm my son's sister...... that's a bonus !