Sunday, February 27, 2011

Touched it but Let It Go If Don't Want To Buy it

 Going to Popular Bookstores today after the mass. Not to buy a books but just to doing a free reading..hehe.. isn't it exciting? I know POPULAR BOOKSTORE is not a library but I cannot help it since I don't even know where is the library here in Miri..Somehow, still I can read all of the new magazines without even need to buy it, that's what matter the most, right? Money was so tight..hmn..
Okay, after I finished reading all of the magazines, I go to the novel sections, and then, I spotted the sections for the Cecilia Ahern and Jodi Picoult novels....Oh no..Its really breaks my heart when I just can touch and read a bit but I cannot buy and bring it home. Of course I can read all the novels there but it sure going to take me 3 days to finish up reading all of the novels. Here's the list of novels that I'm seriously aiming for.Hope I have enough money to buy all of these novels. Maybe I should wait until I have a stable job so that I can have my own library.*sigh* 

Money is a good servant but not a good master

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