Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Me, My self and I

Just came back from groceries shopping with my brother just now..I find it hard to spent my time together with my brother even we've been living under the same roof..yeah, it's probably due to all of the assignments..we've been so busy in our own world..By the way, it's good to go out sometimes..to be tanned by the hot sun (yes, we were walking to the nearest mall which takes a 15 minutes journey)..It's not that I purposely tanned myself, it's just my umbrella has been broken since last week..mind you, it was seriously hot!!huhu..But, it's good to be outside..rather than being locked in my super small room and stressing my self over the assignment..I got a good news! I had finished 1 of the assignment so now, I only have 3 more assignment to be done..means that I need to pulled an all niter again today..

okay, stop talking about the assignment stuff.. 

Now, my brother and his friends ( all the boy house mate) goes out somewhere..I think they're going to jogging..and here am I..alone...It's not that THEY don't want to bring me along, but I am the one who refuse to be with them all..I don't want to look stupid later because I knew that I cannot digest or join their discussion..haish..Seriously, feels so empty...have you ever feel like this before? or is it just me that is weirdo?
hmn..never mind..at least I didn't do something stupid to fill this emptiness right?? began missing my family right now..my dad's temper, my mum's who always nagging me, my argument with my younger sister, my bedroom and especially my mum home cooked meals that I used to ignore when I'm at home..but now..I'm regretting it all..I'm tired of eating outside..I'm sick of the "too much salt and MSG"..If I come back home later, I will appreciated it..now, I know what's the meaning of LOVE..I miss them so badly that I finally understands how is it feel to be away from your beloved family and I think this feeling is LOVE..But back to reality, I'm alone..I hope later, I will get used to this situation..now, I might looked like a cry baby but I know that someday, I will be a strong matured woman..

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