Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Have you ever look at the sky during the nights and count the star?

Have you ever look deeper into the lake and notice those small creatures who swimming freely?

Have you ever called your family in the middle of the night and they will always there even if we’re living in a different country?

Have you ever grateful for the jokes that make us laugh when we sometimes forgot how to due to the hectic live?

Have you ever been grateful for all of the things that we’ve already owned when others might never have a chance to have it?

Have you ever been grateful for the food that you eat when you’ll never realize that someone outside there haven’t had their dinner, lunch or even breakfast?

Have you ever been grateful for the comfy pillow and bed to be lied on when we tired and want to sleep while there are someone outside there don’t even have a room to be sleeping in?

Have you ever worked hard in yours studies and then pass the exam with flying colors?

The satisfaction of our own sweat makes it even worth
Our life is too precious since we’ve only live once

Sometimes, even the short comforting words is good enough to make me feels emotional and make me realize that there will always be someone by our side

Sometimes, even the sounds of the birds chirping is the pleasant sounds to be heard every morning
Sometimes, when I can deal all of the problems its feels good enough until I realize that things actually happens for a reasons

The love that I shared with God, my family and friends are too much precious to me that I hope that nothing would happens so that nothing will change

Somehow, we’re given the chance

The chance to treasure, enjoy and live our life to the fullest
The time is ticking and we should be grateful for everything while we could still feels it

APPRECIATION is needed here...

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