Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekends~

Yay..Friday night..Such a "happy" weekends..I'm going to fill it with sitting and hunching over my laptop and trying my best to finishing all my assignments and presentation slides...which I should do since last week but due to my procrastination and my special habit..doing everything last minute so here I am, struggling but I still try to run away from this, I'll let my self to have a 2 hours rest by watching this....

I find it such an interesting film..the moral values is the most important thing in here..where love overtakes the discrimination..the skin colors..the race..Love it and suddenly felt so emotional now..I'm tired and want to sleep..*eh?am I just making an excuses to do the tones of assignments and presentation slides?hmn..never mind..I'll make it up tomorrow..

*Procrastination Mode *

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