Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tomorrow is VALENTINE'S DAY....
and I'm not gonna celebrating it since I'm S.I.N.G.L.E okay?
I am always wondering..
When will I'll be celebrating it with someone that I really- really fall in love with..
I wonder who even is he? 
Where did he come from?
What did he do..Working or studying?
I wonder who will be my first love?

They said L.O.V.E happens when you're least expecting it?
Is it true enough?
I wonder how is it feels to be in is it feel to have someone to take care have someone to shared your love with...

They said L.O.V.E is blind?
How would I know since I never fall in L.O.V.E

But now..I got my family and friends now...and I also have my own responsibility as a daughter, sister, students and etc...I think I should learn to L.O.V.E myself, my family, my friends and Jesus first before I can love someone....

p/s see?I'll always worried about what will happen tomorrow..should be reading my WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW post again..


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