Monday, February 14, 2011

It Is Just The Beginnings

A pathway to my campus & back to my home..

It had become my daily routine to use this path...My class started on 9am but I need to woke up as early as 6am so that I can have my own personal space before all the boys wake up..and I started to WALK to college at 8.30 am..I need to take about 15 minutes before I reach my college...Tired??Yes..but only at the beginning where I still trying my best to adjusting myself..and now..I'm getting used to it..walking 15 minutes to college feels like nothing to me..I'm glad that I was actually walking to college since I can enjoy the scenic view from this park...My other classmates who using a car to go to college might not realize how beautiful the view especially in the morning..You can see the birds flying around..the fish in the lake..the beautiful sun..It's just something that I've really appreciate in the morning....

But when my class finished at 12 noon...the sun is just something...If you didn't wear any sun block, I'm sure enough that your skin will burnt's just way too hot since we are way too near to the just imagine about the heat when I was walking back home..

Now, it's my 6th week for this 3 Semester..Time feels like nothing when I've been so busy with my hectic world..

"One step must start each journey."

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