Friday, February 11, 2011

The hardest fact to be accepted is always the truth.

My lecturer (He used to be a doctor and now he's already retired and now doing lecturing) bring something to our OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH class today...
I'm not sure what's the name but it used to test everything in your body, such as your BMI, Percent of body fat and muscles, biological age and etc..He just asked me to stand on it and giving my height and my actual age..

MY HEIGHT= 160cm
MY AGE= 22 years old

and...the outcome....
My BMI= I am overweight..
My body fat percentage= NORMAL okay..
My biological age= 32 years old..

Oh means that my biological age was 10 years older than my actual age..This fact makes me thinking..Now I'm a 22 years old with the Biological age of 32 years old..What if I reach 32 years I going to look like a 42 years old...Oh no..
My lecturer said it's never too late to change my diet..
I think, I will change my life style and my diet..
Thanks to:

-my insomnia that I always didn't have enough sleep,
-my bad diet for always eating foods and less vegetables and fruits
-my less exercise

My body was suffering from my bad lifestyle and I should change it right away...

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