Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whole Past Week

How I spent my for the whole past week of Chinese New Year@College 1 week holiday?
No visiting family, friends or what..Since I didn't go back home..I think it'll wasting the money only if I'm going back home..so...I'm busying my self on doing all the assignments( which is not finished yet)..
Sleeping for almost 12 hours per day( which is good because my body get a full recovery from my hectic college life)..Actually, I have an invitation for the CNY open house, but I'm having a fever on that day..and my brother said it's better if I'm just staying at home..He worried that it will worsen..but now..credit for him because now, no more fever but just a little bit of flu..yeah..


It's glittering!Nice one!!  

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