Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here I Come, Lord

On last Friday, My brother and I just found out that one of our classmates named Julius were going to the CHURCH every weekends. Little that we know that he's actually attending a mass every weeks without fails since he don't looked like that kind of people.That's why this phrase come out "DON'T JUDGE BOOK BY IT'S COVER"

He's the type of 19 years old who looks like a hip hop man. Luckily, we met him because we didn't have a chance to attend a mass since we don't know where's the location of the church, which bus should we take and where should we supposedly stop if we taking the right bus but of course the main reason is because of our fear to cross the 8 LANE HIGHWAY but now there's a newly made CROSSOVER due to the increasing number of people who've died while crossing the 8 LANE HIGHWAY. So, it'll make our journey to church much more easier than the last time..

Not really many cars on the road since it's a Wet and Rainy Sunday

View from the crossover( Which make my brother's feet trembling since he's scared of height..LOL...)

Bus? Yes!Seriously, I'm excited when it comes on riding a bus because I never have a chance to use a bus as my transportation since all my destination is either too near that I can just walking or it's just way too far/ dangerous that my dad need to becoming the "TAXI DRIVER". Even Julius also amazed by the fact that I never use the bus in my entire life. He said he's getting boring of it and I said, for me it's a new phrase of my life. My brother had ride on a bus a few times already because he'd been accompanying his friend to watch the foot ball tournaments.

I was sitting in the first seat near the door and My brother and Julius started to laugh as I looked around the bus and becoming like the caves women who never ride on a bus..LOL       

On the way back home..Feeling so happy for the bus tour?

My knees didn't have enough space..Cramp

So, the mass started on 11am and Julius said that we will met at the bus stop in front of the shopping complex on 10.45 am. But due to our punctuality with my excitement on riding the bus , we walking from home as early as 10 am. Then reach at the bus stop on 10.25 am. Still, a bit too early. So we need to wait for him. 
 He'd finally come at 11 am and then we waited for the bus for almost 20 minutes and then managed to reach the church on 11.30 am due to the heavy rain and traffic jams.

After the mass, we go to the biggest shopping mall in Miri, The BINTANG SQUARE where Julius becoming our tourist guide since we've been here for only 2 times. Well, it's totaly different to be going to the mall with your "MALE Friend's"..If I were with my girlfriends, we will checked out almost all of the mall stores but with THEM( my bro and Julius), I just felt so awkward to do so, So I just walking past all the store. I noticed that Julius keep bringing us to the area where the bags and shoes are on sale the most but I just don't have the mood to checked it out since money was TIGHT.But then, Julius suddenly asked me with his weird expressions to me;

Julius:  Eh, you don't want to look at the bags?

Me: Huh?Why?

Julius: Nothing but you can just checked it out if you want to *Still insisting*

Me: Na, it's okay. I will just following you both :)

Haahaha..He might be thinking that I'm the WEIRDEST WOMEN he'd ever met. I'm not interested in shopping? He might be thinking like this..Actually, my brother said, he got 2 younger sisters so that's why he'd been thinking that way..

Honestly, I'm glad because finally, I made it. I come to your home, Lord. After lots of trials and cross, all I want to said is that I'm glad to be chosen to be the one who will carry your CROSS because at least I knew how it it feel to be in your place even if my CROSS is not that greater than YOURS LORD, I promised, I will do my best to keep my faith in You. 
Lord Jesus Christ, I Trust In You

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